EMEurope R&I projects results

A brochure with the main achievements of the R&I projects funded within EMEurope is now available. The brochure is free and can be download from: www.electricmobilityeurope.eu/projects (Documents for Download).

EMEurope Best-practice catalogue for policy makers No.2

The EMEurope initiative just released that second catalogue por policy makers. For this publication, the results of the State of the art survey No. 2 – National, Regional and EU measures to establish and support electric mobility carried out between July and August 2020 were supplemented by additional information from several documents mentioned by participating countries and regions. These were and examined in more detail against the background of the development of electric mobility. In addition to general information on activities to foster the electrification of transport, COVID-19 crisis influence, activities in networks and current measures to support the electrification and the charging infrastructure were queried in detail and analysed against the background of the development of electric mobility. In order to determine the recent numerical development of the electrification of transport, data on EVs and public charging points in the participating countries available in the European Alternative Fuels Observatory (EAFO) portal were used. EMEurope Best-practice catalogue for policy makers No. 2

EV City Casebook and Policy Guide 2021

The International Energy Agency just published the third edition of the EV City Casebook. The report is a joint collaboration between EVI and the Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Technology Collaboration Programme (HEV TCP) and showcases cities building better and cleaner mobility through electric vehicles. The casebook looks at global case studies of EV innovation along with policy guidance, an analysis of common challenges and lessons learned in order to foster global uptake of electric vehicles in urban areas. EV City Casebook and Policy Guide 2021

News from projects – New CYB article in e-mobility Technology International

Project consortium CYB published a very interesting article in the winter 2020 edition of the magazine e-mobility technology international. The article was done on the algorithmic work with TU/e and shows very promising results from the energy modelling side and a nice addition to our results list. The article in pages 143-145 of the magazine can be read using the following link: www.yumpu.com/en/document/read/64541356/e-mobility-technology-winter-2020

News from projects – project CYB on YouTube

On 7 July 2020 BSR Electric Hamburg organized a specialist webinar addressing the question “how to increase the efficiency of e-bus operations?” and CYB project was invited to give a keynote speech at the event, which was part of an Interreg conference organised by Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. The conference is available at YouTube. Do not miss it! For more information about the conference: www.bsr-electric.eu/news/bsr-electric-virtual-webinar-the-future-of-e-bus-operations-seizing-the-full-potential-of-electrification To watch the conference: www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/PRgXwgfLs0I  

News from projects – project Trolley 2.0 achievements

The Trolley 2.0 consortium has published an interim report of the achievements of the consortium since its beginning. Check it out and learn more about the renaissance of trolleybus systems in Europe! Trolley 2-0 interim report

News from projects – CYB article in e-mobility Technology International

It is a pleasure to announce that in the summer 2020 edition of the magazine e-mobility technology international there is a very interesting article about the CYB platform. You can find the article in pages 52-54 of the magazine using the following link: www.e-motec.net/e-mobility-technology-summer-2020

EMEurope present at Busworld 2019

UITP and Busworld have joined forces to build this great event in 2019. At the International Bus Conference, major trends and developments in the bus sector from an international perspective will be presented. At the conference, not only the latest trends and implementations were presented, also a close-up and practical demonstrations with the immersion experience was possible. In a partnership with UITP EMEurope was present at the event on the 21 October between 11 and 12h with the presentation of projects Trolley2.0, COSTART and CYB and the presentations attracted a lot of interest from participants.

For more Information on Busworld 2019:


5th Emobility Forum in Budapest (EMF 2019)

Almost 400 guests, 80 contributors from 18 countries attended at the 5th Emobility Forum on 18-19 September 2019 in Budapest, Hungary. The two-day conference provided an opportunity to the attendees to get acquainted with the future of the market and to actively shape it at the same time, building domestic and international professional relationships and meet governmental and industrial stakeholders. EMEurope was present at the event contributing to the discussions in one of the panels, which was hosted and organized by the Hungarian Emobility Association (HEA). This event provided networking possibilities among government, market players and international contributors. Pictures of the event are available on the following links: Additionally a Post Conference document to briefly highlight what happened during the two days has been prepared. Please feel free to download it via this link: http://anyflip.com/ztgc/nsep/ The next Emobility Forum conference and exhibition will be held between 22-23 September 2020.  

EMEurope present at EVS 32

The Electric Vehicles Symposium (EVS 32) took place between 19 and 22 May 2019 in Lyon, France and EMEurope was present with a series of short events at the Exhibition Hall. Once more EMEurope partnered with the Holland Pavilion and on 20 and 21 May EMEurope Research and Innovation (R&I) projects showed the work they have so far carried out with short presentations and movies.

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EMEurope R&I Projects and schedule


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EMEurope is co-funded by the European Commission as part of the ERA-NET Confund scheme under Horizon 2020 Programme for EU funding programme for research and innovation under grant agreement no. 723977.